Plymouth Rock Oyster Growers

“The Best Oysters You Will Ever Eat!”

Our Commitment

At Plymouth Rock Oyster Growers (PROG), we focus on producing the best quality oyster with a minimum impact on our environment. We use the most energy-efficient means to run our operation and strive to reduce environmental impact on our farms through the use of native pine. Committed to harvesting by hand, we never take the easy path of dredging.

PROG is thrilled to offer our delicious fresh oysters delivered right from our farm to your table!

About Us

Family owned and operated in Plymouth, Massachusetts – America’s Hometown – PROG is a true boutique operation.


 Our Methodology

At PROG, we take pride in a grow-out methodology that maximizes the health of the oysters we ship to you.


Market List

Grown in the cold, pristine waters of Cape Cod, the taste of PROG oysters is a perfect balance of sweet and salty.