About Us

Family owned and operated in Plymouth, Massachusetts – America’s Hometown – Plymouth Rock Oyster Growers (PROG) is a true boutique operation. We have our hands on the oysters from shortly after they’ve hatched until they’re shipped to your restaurant or distribution site.
To ensure that oysters are available to our customers 52 weeks a year, we’re out on our farm just about every day, barring unsafe seas.
PROG is fully integrated with a nursery site, grow-out sites on Ichabod Flat, White Flat and Saquish Head, and a wholesale dealer distribution facility. We are fully licensed to ship anywhere, whether you’re a restaurant next door, a distribution facility somewhere in the United States or a supermarket across the ocean.
We think we’re growing a better small company by doing everything ourselves. Whether designing and building our own equipment, designing our boats, or building our processing and shipping facility, we have one mission in mind – to produce the best quality oyster with the least impact to the environment as possible.
Maybe someday we’ll be a household name, but for now, we’re proud to be what the big guys used to be – a truly homegrown company producing the best-tasting oyster possible.

Our Methodology

At PROG, we pride ourselves with a grow-out methodology that maximizes the health of the oysters we ship to you.

We start our seed when the water is warmer and food is abundant, so the oysters are not shocked when being transferred from the hatchery. This replicates more closely what occurs in the oysters’ natural environment.

We strive to grow a healthy and safe oyster. Our oysters are cultivated off the bottom, out of the sediment, in competitive colonies where the oysters thrive.

In order to allow the oysters to develop a denser, deeper shell, we hold our seed an extra year. Then, when they’re at the perfect market size, we harvest them by hand under FDA guidelines for handling safe, quality food.

Our Team

Having worked in the fish industry in New Bedford and Boston for over 30 years, Bill conceived of and founded PROG in 2010, when he acquired his first seed. A graduate of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Bill is putting his knowledge of marketing and management to good use building the company. What he likes best about his new role? “The commute!”
A 2015 graduate of Villanova University with a major in finance and minors in business law and marketing, Connor began working for the family company while in high school, spending weekends and summers out on the farm. Full-time since his college graduation, Connor manages the day-to-day operations of growing, harvesting and shipping.
Detail oriented, Beth takes care of most of the paperwork that supports company operations. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, she uses her English minor more than her biology major in parsing sentences for websites and crafting understandable correspondence.
A 2015 graduate of Boston College with a major in economics and a minor in mathematics, Kevin started with PROG the summer after his graduation and is a valued member of the team for all things oyster-related. He has his own oyster grant and founded High Tide Oysters, which supplies equipment to oyster growers. Visit hightideoyster.com for info.