Market List

Grown in the cold, pristine waters of Cape Cod Bay on intertidal farms off the shore of America’s Hometown, the oysters of Plymouth Rock Oysters are cultivated just above the bottom in a nutrient-rich environment nourished by nearby eel-grass meadows. Situated where the waters of Duxbury, Kingston and Plymouth meet, they experience twice-daily, strong tidal surges that help to create the perfect cold-water New England oyster. The taste – a perfect balance of sweet and salty – embodies the clean, crisp waters from which they’re harvested.

Ichabod Flats, Plymouth Bay Oysters

A larger half-shell, Ichabod Flats, Plymouth Bay Oysters are harvested when they reach a more traditional size. Exhibiting the hallmark blend of salinity and sweetness found in all PRO oysters, their distinctive taste and great texture make Plymouth Bays the perfect half shell.
Current market size: 3.5 – 4

Nauti Pilgrims

Named in honor of local history, Nauti Pilgrims are turned often during growth so that they develop a nice, rounded cup. They, too, feature the perfect flavor combination of sweetness and saltiness, but provide a smaller, yet equally pleasing, mouthful of enjoyment. Perfect alone, their flavor is heightened when paired with a sweet/tart cranberry mignonette that plays perfectly on their brininess. A favorite of the ladies!

Current market size: 3

Saquish Head Oysters

Grown in trays in a secluded area off Saquish Head, a peninsula at the entrance to Plymouth Bay, these oysters feature a very deep, dense shell, which, when opened, reveals an incredibly plump oyster. Once they reach the perfect size, they are gathered and stored in the water column to be cleaned by the surging and ebbing tides.

Current market size: 3

Undine Sea Sirens

Grown suspended above White Flat, known for it’s beautiful, clean bottom, Undine Sea Sirens come to market looking like they’ve been hand grown and selected just for your table. Featuring attractive, bright shells on the outside and clean, clear meats on the inside, their delicate, briny flavor encapsulates the essence of the ocean.

Current market size: 3.5 – 4

Plymouth Champagne

Grown off the bottom on White Flat, Plymouth Champagnes are the perfect oyster to pair with that well-known, celebratory beverage – or anything else for that matter. Harvested at a size that’s ideal for everyone, these are the oysters to please any crowd.

Current market size: 3